Industrial Electric Demolisher

An Electric Industrial Demolition Hammer will break up concrete and stone. It is used for serious demolition jobs on foundations, basement floors, concrete patios, retaining walls and other uses of construction.

Where to Begin?

• Place the tip of the hammer on a slight angle

• Point the tip directly where it should go.

• Do not make the angle too sharp or it will run away from you.

It is important to start a job in the right place. For instance, if you are working on a floor that needs breaking up, you should start at the edge and move backwards. You will stand on solid ground and the debris will be in front of you. This is an important point to keep you safe from tripping over the loosened ground.

When you are working on a retaining wall, the best place to start is at the top and chisel downwards.


Voltage: 110 Volt

Frequency: 60 Hz

Power: 1240 Watts (11.27 Amps)

No Load Speed: 1400 RPM

Heavy Duty Steel Case

360 Degrees Swivel Side Handle

Product Description:

• This hammer maintains maximum performance levels at all times with minimum vibration

• Tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate

• Variable speed dial – for controlled chipping applications

• Constant Response circuitry provides a soft start and maintains constant speed under load and provides overload protection

• Vari-Lock positioning rotates and locks the chisel into 12 different positions to optimize the working angle

• Padded rear handle absorbs shock for the operator comfort

• Auxiliary handle provides a wide range of movement

Safety Tips:

Be cautious about falling debris that could cause damage to your legs, feet and hands.

Always wear your gear of safety glasses, steel toe boots and Heavy Duty gloves.

Without wearing Heavy Gloves you could have permanent damage to your fingers or hand. It is crucial that you wear them at all times while working with this equipment. Without your gloves you can easily lose the grip on the hammer and it could fall on your feet and cause great damage. They will help maintain the grip on the tool and keep the pressure you have applied.

Always gear up properly before you use the Demolition Hammer. Do not assume that everything will be fine, please protect yourself. This could be the time where you will realize that you should have geared up. You are responsible for your own safety!