Top Tips To Buy Powder Coating Ovens

The coating and surfacing of a material or an article is important because coating treatment helps in improving the performance of the material used even in the harsh environments. The operation is performed with the help of automated device called Powder Coating Oven. There is always a riff between choosing liquid paints and powder coating. The latter one is always a wining hero because it creates different shades of colors with an ease and without any overlapping.

In the process of coating an article, at first it is sand blasted as to remove any remains of oil and rust or to remove old paint coatings. Next, it is kept in a dry environment to prevent the process of oxidation. At third step, a powder is applied as the base coating onto the item. For this purpose, an electrostatic gun is used which has electric charge to ensure the powder will stick to the surface easily. Then the article is placed in the oven as to turn it into the gel form. At the final stage, final coating is applied to the article and baked once again inside the oven as to cure the paint.

Professional Tips To Choose Powder Coating Ovens:-

  • Consider The Size Of The Device – The level of production of an industry matters most while determining the size of the device you need to purchase for your industrial application. Investing in the right sized oven helps you to save your cost spend on the same and also define your production as well. Moreover, the size of the articles being coated in the device matters while considering this valid point.
  • Don’t Neglect Technologies – The device is engineered on the basis of different technology basis but two most used technologies are conventional and infrared. The difference between the both is, latter one is electric or gas infrared driven. Hence, while selecting the oven pay the heed to the technology used in designing the device as per your application. Consider both of them and pick which satisfies most of your needs.
  • Pay Attention To Uniform Airflow – A uniform airflow is important to flaunt the application perfectly. Always remember, the conventional oven must not blow high air because strong airflow can blow off the powder coating or there are chances of overlapping of the colors in the process. So, it is recommended to choose the device with air velocity of 3m/s.

As all the above-mentioned points are general, they will help you to choose the best application driven device for your industrial application.