Tips to Ensuring Safety in Your Industrial Process by Using Piston Seals

For heavy duty hydraulic operations, you need seals that offer appropriate protection. Piston seals are just perfect for such operations. They not only offer top-notch sealing capabilities, but they also demonstrate resistance to high temperature. This makes them an ideal choice when it comes to industrial applications. They do not melt or soften (as you know both of these actions can be really harmful for an industrial process).

In fact, a good quality seal of this type will give you great service even with pressures that go up to 7250 PSI or above (in some applications). But what really works in the advantage is the fact that these seals are cost-effective if you consider the valuable service they give you. In several industries these seals are used as an alternative to T-seals and PFTE loaded cap seals. Both of these cost more than the piston variety of seals. They are often used in conjunction with Parker-O-rings and Teflon backup rings.

1. Where are such seals used?

This variety of seals is used in applications relating to pneumatic cylinders. They have also proven to be effective for use in valves and other applications that need lower operating pressures. They are often used in rotary as well as reciprocating motion applications. In fact they are suitable for industrial applications which have a working temperature of as much as 250 degree centigrade. Similarly, they are just as effective in temperatures as low as -40 degrees. They do not get brittle or develop cracks.

2. What are the advantages of using piston seals?

For starters, these seals can be easily installed and they have reasonable installation costs. In addition to this, they offer a higher life which means you get more service from them. That’s how you get more value for the money you invest in these seals. The most important advantage that you enjoy from these seals is the fact that they withstand very high amounts of temperatures. Hence they are very useful for critical applications such as sealing high pressure cylinders and pipes. They offer security of the first order. in addition to these advantages, they have the ability to bear high shock loads. They are also highly resistant to abrasion.

For similar sealing operations, other components such as Parker-o-rings are also used. They enhance the sealing operation. These are often used in the aerospace industry since they help seal over a wide range of requirements.

In the industrial sector, Teflon back-up rings are also an integral part of the sealing and fastening operations. They help in carrying out seamless sealing operations. They are almost indispensable in the o-ring sealing tasks. Now that you know about the benefits of using piston seals, you can find a reliable manufacturer by running an internet search. By doing some research about their product offerings and range, you can get a fair idea about the best company.